8 reasons to advertise with us

8 reasons to advertise with us

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1.Unique product

Hello City App does not have any worldwide competitors and so it is a unique product. Small local businesses exist in some big cities in the world but Hello City App is the only one to be developed worldwide.


The low price rate offer to the customer of all kind of businesses to be able to advertise their business in the application. The other advantage is that nobody on the market can offer a similar product at the same low price.

3.Value packages

On top of the basic package, the customer can choose among different value packages for his business (pictures, translations, notifications, ads,…)

4.User friendly

In a few clicks the user can find any information needed.


Different templates are offered to the customer to be displayed in the application depending of the size of the business, its marketing strategy, its budget, its exposure,…

6.Flexibilitycity purple

Hello City App offer a tailor made service for any kind of business, event, promotion,…


Hello City App guarantees to every each customer a quick set up of his business in the application. The same delay applies for any future change, ad, promotion,…

8.Accuracy of direct marketing and visibility

For each option (pop-up,notification, promotion,…), the customer has the choice of budget, target, area,…


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